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Mortgage Economic Calendar for December 2024

Below is the Mortgage Economic Calendar that shows when key Economic Indicators and Economic Data is scheduled for release in December 2024. Since this is a website for the Mortgage Industry, this Mortgage Economic Calendar emphasizes Economic Data that is of particular interest to Housing, Real Estate, and Mortgage Professionals. However, this Economic Calendar can be useful to anyone interested in Economics, Economic Data, Stock Markets, Bond Markets, Labor Markets, Housing Markets, etc. The last two pages contain a brief description of the major Economic Indicators that are included in this Economic Calendar. This Mortgage Economic Calendar can be viewed online or downloaded and saved as a PDF

Mortgage Economic Review

As an additional service, we prepare a Mortgage Economic Review each month that summarizes Economic Data and events that are important to Mortgage and Real Estate Professionals. The Mortgage Economic Review can be read on our blog, or emailed to you at the beginning of each month. If you would like to receive the Mortgage Economic Review, join our email list and we’ll email it at the beginning of each month. Please note – we never sell your name or email address to anyone 

To download a PDF of the Mortgage Economic Calendar for December 2024 – Click on the calendar below. If you would like a PDF of the Mortgage Economic Calendar for the entire year – Click Here

Market Influence of Different Economic Indicators

There are over 50 different Economic Indicators displayed in this Mortgage Economic Calendar and some have more influence on the markets than others. We have highlighted the Indicators that have a heavy influence on the markets. Below is a rough classification of the market influence that each Economic Indicator exerts.

The market influence of each Economic Indicator is subjective and changes with market conditions. Just because a particular Economic Indicator may exert only minimal influence on the markets does not deter from its importance. For example, The NAHB Housing Market Index measures the sentiment of Home Builders across the country. It is widely watched and an important Housing Indicator but has minimal influence to move the financial markets. If you are a Loan Officer that originates a lot of mortgages for new homes, it would be a very important Economic Indicator to follow since many of your borrowers are buying homes from these builders.

You would also want to reference this Mortgage Economic Calendar to follow New Home Sales and Building Permits since this would be a Forward Looking Indicator to future origination possibilities.

Most Economic Indicators and Economic Data is typically released in the morning between 7:30 AM and Noon Eastern Time, but there are releases and announcements all day long.

Market Influence

Fed Week and Fed Watchers

The Mortgage Economic Calendar pays particular attention to Federal Reserve meetings and statements. The Mortgage Business (and the entire US Economy) is heavily influenced by interest rates so anything having to do with the Federal Reserve is always scrutinized. One of the biggest Economic events is the Federal Open Market Committee Meeting – FOMC Meeting. These meetings occur 8 times a year and last 2 days, usually starting on a Tuesday morning and ending on Wednesday afternoon. This is called Fed Week

After the meeting, the Fed will release statements, announcements, and its interest rate decision. The Fed Chair also usually conducts a press conference and delivers a prepared statement. There is a group of people in financial circles called Fed Watchers that dissect every syllable of Fed Statements and Fed Announcements in an attempt to forecast the Fed’s next move.

Two weeks after each FOMC meeting, the Fed releases the FOMC Minutes which contain a detailed record of the last FOMC Meeting. Fed watchers carefully analyze the FOMC Minutes to help forecast the direction and timing of the next interest rate move.

This Economic Calendar is created by Mortgage Elements Inc and is for informational purposes only. The information is gathered and compiled from sources believed to be credible, but Mortgage Elements does not guarantee or warrant its accuracy or completeness. The dates and times of the release of Economic information is subject to change without notice and controlled by the individual data provider

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